Monday, February 9, 2015

Segundo Semanan! (Second Week!) (week 2)


Ive made it to my second week! and i couldnt be happier! missionary life is finally sinking in, and the MTC is sooo much fun! having classes everyday is soo much better than school! yea it still has the "prison effect".. haha the weather up here has been fantastic!! well today has been! its been overcast all day, and it even started raining! which works to make perfect utah weather! gotta love the huge mountains behind the mtc!

sooo.. that whole spanish thing, well its coming along. i think its one of those things that the lord REALLY wants you to know, so youve gotta give it your all and put your faith to the test! like spanish aint easy! you would think being from arizona would make it easier since half the population speaks spanish.. but NOPE!! although even when i forget words and can only pray and say my testimony, i feel better because my companion is this great guy from a little town called lewiston, idaho. and hes got one of those funny hick accents, and spanish doesnt work with hick! so he has to literally say a word like 50 times! but i just encourage him and we say lots of prayers as a companionship to get better! spanish requires faith!

I cant even tell you guys how much i love getting letters and emails from all of you! you guys have brought like the biggest smiles!! i know and i can FEEL the support and the love from all of you as i diligently work hard as a missionary! you guys are like my #1 fans and i love all of you!

I want to tell you all how much i LOVE praying! as a missionary you probably pray like 20, maybe 50, no more like 2 TRILLION times a day! i think like a fifth of my day is dedicated to praying! as ive been a missionary i know that i cant do it alone, and especially with spanish. my testimony of prayer has increased my relationship with my savior sooo much! when i have loooong days, and im just tired, i have bad headaches, and you need someone to talk to. the first place to start is on your knees! my savior is always there for me! i can feel him sending angels to help me, and to ease my burdens! prayer is gonna be my saving grace! 

i LOVE tuesdays and sundays, because in the evenings we have devotionals where the whole mission meets in the gym and we all get to here AMAZING devotionals from general authorities, members of the 70, people who preside over mtc's, and just people with BEAUTIFUL testimonies! its just a night where you get to spiritually reenergize yourself because they have such a strong spirit with them! i take lots of notes so ill share lots of quotes in my letters soon! ill keep you guys in the loop! (i cant hog all the blessings!) 

the foods pretty good... if you like a hamburger everyday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!!! i cant even tell you guys how many chicken and cheeseburger sandwiches ive eaten! honestly its all good food for cafeteria food! and they have ranch and peanut butter here, so im definitley gonna survive.. but let me say this food is not what missionaries with uneasy stomaches should be eating!! haha but my favorite meal so far has got to be the biscuits and gravy! soo good!

sleeping is getting easier, but as a missionary you CONSTANTLY have a million things on your mind, and that stays there throughout the night.. so i can say im getting "some" sleep, but its hard.. im using the sleep spray to help relax my mind.. i know one of these days ill just pass out from sooo many nights of lack of sleep.. but its getting better! missionaries just think alot!

we just got a new investigator named "Raul" hes a young father who is investigating the church, and we can ONLY teach him in spanish. and we are more than capable of teaching him in spanish, BUT understanding his questions and what he has to say is a whole nether story. he talks like a MILLION miles an hour, and its hard to understand his spanish. we know he says things like 20 times, but when you dont understand the first five it doesnt help.. lol its bad, but its getting better! we meet with him on tuesdays and thursdays.

i promise i have TONS of pictures that will get to all of you soon! so just stay posted and theyre coming your way! you guys need to see all the fun up here!

im going to argentina on march 9th, so if you guys want to continue sending me letters or packages through dear elder, ill be here till then! so love you guys!

this was a quote that i heard last night from kelly mills. (hes the international director of mtcs.. so he takes care of EVERY mtc except provo!) but he gave a quote last night and this is how it goes 
" focus on the edges, and the center takes care of itself!" -kelly mills

i know that quote is talking about service, and how we need to lose ourselves when we help others! and by doing so our hearts will change, and we will bring christ into our lives, and in doing so we change because our hearts seek to follow christ and serve his children! i know my calling is to serve his children, and im going to do that will all my heart!

i love all of you guys!
Elder (ty) Driggs!
Ciao! (see yea)

The group flying out of Phoenix on January 28th to the Provo MTC.  Ty only knew the names of the Elders...back left to right.....Elder Bradshaw, Elder Way, Elder Marple, Elder Driggs and Elder Tingey
Elder Driggs and Elder Blazzard throwing missionary signs.....haha!
Elder Driggs and Elder Merkley....this is Steve's a pic with him before he left for Brazil
Us guys taking a selfie in our classroom...we think we are cool!  Elder Driggs, Elder Blazzard, Elder Way and Elder Tew
Our last day with Elder Glasglow.....Elder Tew, Elder Driggs, Elder Glasglows companion (in the background ??) Elder Glasglow and Elder Way.....Elder Glasglow came with us from Arizona...he is serving in California
Me and Elder Blazzard taking a selfie in our classroom
Behind the Provo Temple....Elder Blazzard, Elder Driggs, Elder Tew, Elder Gwilliam, Elder Way, Elder Justesen, Elder Johnson and Elder Wilder....this was our zone.
Elder Way, Elder Tew, Elder Blazzard and Elder Driggs in front of the Provo Temple....the four roommates
MTC companions...Elder Blazzard and Elder Driggs

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