Tuesday, May 26, 2015

a mission, oh a mission! :) (week 17)

this past week has been filled with many good feelings and lots of moments where i have felt the happiness of serving in the gospel! :)

last tuesday was a very profound and very spiritual, and very HAPPY day for me! it began when me we got to the church building where we have our district meetings, and elder donahoo went to go have a meeting with the other mission leaders, and i had some time before i had my meetings, so me and another elder, elder brown went for a morning "bread run" because every morning the local bakeries have fresh bread. and so we got some, and then when i came back, we had our meetings i understood everything even from the latinos who talk very fast! haha but one of our zone leaders named elder bradford asked a question to all of us missionaries in the zone saying "why and for what did jesus christ die for us?" and this question just hit home for me! because jesus christ died for all of us,. and when we know and recognize that his purpose was to bring about his atonement for us, then we KNOW that he loves and he is our savior! the rest of the day was just wonderful! 

ive been reading alot in the spanish book of mormon, which im getting alot better at understanding day by day, and the other day i was reading in helaman about a nefite people who were visited by angels because of their faithfulness.. and i know that if we pray with faith, we may never see angels around us physically, but we can feel and have a witness of the spirit that there are angels sent to uplift and to help us with our trials. or like the example with the nefites, to minister and teach us, so that we can recieve further light and knowledge! :)

i have had an amazing past transfer here serving with elder donahoo, and its been some of the funnest times of my life! serving with an elder who is soo dedicated and soo excited to serve has only strengthened and helped my testimony grow! i will miss him if he leaves, but transfers are this weekend! and im excited and nervous for the changes coming soon! but i have faith that no matter what, there is a plan and i will always be where the lord needs me, with someone that will help me learn and teach the gospel here in argentina! 

i pray for all of you often and hope that feel my love and prayers! :)
tengan un buen semaƱa! (have a great week!) 

Elder Ty Driggs
Elder Donahoo, Elder Driggs, Elder Blazzard and Elder Bloomfield
I love my dear friend Angel and all the time I spend with him and his sweet sister Mercedes
making empanadas....so yummy!!

Angel is always trying to fatten me up!  haha!
they feed us sooo good! 
it is sooo yummy!
Elder Ocampo sharing a bite with me
Elder Donahoo and Elder Aquino having dessert

Me and Angel are always laughing and having a great time...sure do love him!
found ramen!!!
our neighbor
Me, our dear friend Angel and Elder Donahoo

BEST companion and our white board writings...haha

Monday, May 18, 2015

TEMPLES! (week 16)

this was such a great week! with lots of great experiences and the work is continuing to move forward here in argentina! :)

this past monday was a great pday, and after writing here on the computers, me and elder donahoo were walking around centro and we ran into two other missionaries, and while elder donahoo talked to the other one who he was great friends with i talked to the other missionary who was a latina,who only knew spanish, so i talked in spanish, and quickly time flew by and before i knew it, we had been talking in spanish for nearly an hour! i talked to someone in SPANISH hah for nearly an hour! what a neat and wow experience it was for me! the gift of tongues is real! and its helping me every day! :)

on tuesday we taught one of our families who is struggling to get baptized because of internal trials in their family.. but we challenged them to just pray as a family daily, and we visited them a couple days later and what a difference we saw in their character and happiness as a family! it was soo neat! never forget the power of prayer! :) and today i had my first hot dog! haha (here they make them out of pig tails and pig ears!! blehh!! although didnt taste too much different than the stuff in the states.. soo im questioning hot dogs now! haha )

on wensday we went to help a recent convert build a fence around his house, and we made "homeade concrete"!! haha with just powder, sand, water, and rocks. and then we used shovels too mix it! no machines or big concrete trucks! just raw missionary power! haha dad would be proud! but after about 15 minutes of working a giant swarm of mosquitoes came out of no where and started eating us alive.. let me just say not fun! but we finished the job! :)

thursday we went to teach an investigator of the sisters, and then we went out with angel to eat ice cream! it was a short but "sweet" day! (haha!)

friday we mowed angels yard for service, and used a lawn mower! haha how crazy! but afterwards we ate there, and they are just the nicest people to us! they treat us missionaries soo good! i am soo grateful for loving and willing to serve spirits who help the missionary work! they truely are amazing people! 

saturday we had a "taco night!" with one of our investigators where me and elder donahoo made tacos for them and taught them stuff! this was for a family we are preparing too be baptized! theyre sooo close!!! :) but it was a great night! lots of fun, and now they LOVE tacos! haha they really like their food here! its fun!

then sunday was my personal favorite day this past week! we got to attend the dedication of the cordoba temple! what a sweet and neat experience that was! president uchtdorf and elder christofferson visited, and elder christoffersen could speak perfect spanish.. but elder uchtdorf couldnt exactly, but it was nice to hear english for the first time in forever! but what a neat experience it was too hear and see them dedicate a temple of the lord! i testify that the language barrier does not separate or lessen the spirit that you can feel! it was such a special and sweet experience! at the end we sung the spirit of god as a congregation for the dedication and it was an incredible experience! i wont soon forget it!

i love and send my prayers too you all! have a great week!
Elder Driggs
Jersey time!!
more jersey time!!
our convert at the temple dedication, stud!
this is how the get hot water, so sad, they come up with buckets to fill up to shower
churros with Angel!
Elder Donahoo mas carne
Elder Donahoo and carne

Companions and best friends
us and Mercedes
Mercedes, Elder Donahoo and Angel

Angel calls me "Elder Gordito"
Mercedes cook sooo good!
I love my friend Angel!!
Mercedes is such a great cook!  we love her!