Monday, May 11, 2015

A Week To Remember! (week 15)

what a great past week i had! with many experiences that have helped me and strengthened me! oh how im loving and enjoying every minute here serving my Savior in his work!

this last monday was a great pday and lots of fun! we had our second family home evening with a family that weve been teaching and they loved as we read from the scriptures with them and taught them the sacredness and importance of reading from the scriptures! :)

on tuesday it wasnt quite as super interesting.. we payed rent on our important..(not quite as fun..) but still important to keep up on! always be obedient and on time with expenses! then we came home and made "gizo" which is an argentine soup that is just like a chowder with lots and lots of vegetables and we put chicken wings in it! haha (we only had chicken wings..) it turned out super good and everyone here cooks it in the winter! (im very excited for all the soups!) 

wensday we had planned to meet up again with the family that we had family home evening again to have a follow up teaching night with them.. and before hand we made cookies for them at angels house! we made sugar cookies! im not sure how good they were because i didnt have any.. that afternoon me and elder donahoo started a fast after reading a talk that morning titled "40 day fast" im not sure who gave it but its an initial fast for a day and then its a thing to help you focus on things that matter! me and elder donahoo are doing it to focus on the missionary work and to show heavenly father that we want to put our lives in his hands! 

on thursday we had ZONE CONFERENCE!! my first one! how great and special of an experience that was!! i had the opportunity to spend the morning listening to the inspiring words of my mission president his wife and the leaders of our mission as they had revelation to guide our zone so we could be more effective! it was kinda hard for me to understand all the words they said because i am still reletively new and they speak amazing spanish! but i felt the spirit help me and i had a great time! and smiled lots! 

on friday we went and helped angel with service in the morning by cleaning up branches and leaves that were in front of his house.. and afterwards we had lunch with him and his sister mercedes after! they are soo sweet and take such good care of us! they feed us every friday and oh how i appreciate all they do for us! 

on saturday not to much happened but that night we had a ward missionary activity where we got to watch all the past missionary work and baptisms that had happened in our ward! it was such a sweet experience! 

on sunday or as i like to say MOTHERS DAY! :) i had the very special and wonderful experience to talk with my beloved family! it brought soo much joy to my heart to see them and the smiles that all of them had as we could talk for that short time! it was soo special to me! i sure do love them all and am soo grateful that they support me in this grand work! 

this was a quote from zone conference: "lo que no está en el proceso, no aparece en el producto" or in english " what isnt in the process, wont appear in the product!" and my mission president spoke those words of inspiration to us! 

i love you all and pray for you! have a wonderful week! 
con amor,
Elder Ty Driggs

us in arias! this is the main street in our area! its got huge trees going along the sides of the street and i love the view! :)

Elder Aquino, Elder Ocampo, Angel, Elder Donahoo, Mercedes and me
us eating subway last week! 

i took this picture in this field full of beautiful yellow flowers next to our house.. :)
an investigators house in Bahia Blanca
us doing servicio at Angel and Mercedes house

WE made COOKIES!  the cookies we made for our investigators!  




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