Monday, May 4, 2015

its fall here! =) (week 14)

so this past week was full of adventures, lots of laughs, and lots of walking (or as we like to say, "running for baptisms!" ) because somtimes we just run down the street super happy and excited to meet someone new! =)

last sunday the other elders decided to stay the night with us, and they spent monday on pday with us.. and we went to subway! (yea theres a subway here! ) haha not too shabby! then we bought some ice cream and walked around bahia! soo we got this crazy idea! we decided because we are four crazy young elders to walk to the beach and just take pictures, so we got walking for about 20 minutes and decided to ask someone just roughly how far away the ocean was.. when we got an answer that it was roughly 6 miles away, we decided maybe next time! haha! but it sure was fun! and exciting!  (we get super excited easily!) 

on tuesday we had our zone conference slash district meeting, and we found out that we are gonna be recieving more money starting this month! so instead of 1,000 pesos (roughly $100) we would have 1,300 pesos (roughly $130) and i cant tell you how excited all of us poor missionaries were! haha =) but it was a great day on tuesday! 

funny story, on wensday the alarm went off in the morning and it felt weird, but elder donahoo got up right away and turned it off really fast and walked out of the room..i began to slowly get up, feeling much more tired than usual, and as i grabbed my ipod to see what time it was i saw it was 5:30 in the morning!!!! so i quickly thought he was crazy and got back into bed.. about 5 minutes later i lay in bed trying to go back to sleep i hear running in the other room!!! and as i think to myself "what is elder donahoo doing??!!" haha but i fell back to sleep! later when i woke up i found out he woke up an hour early to workout! what a fun and great missionary he is! love him!! haha

thursday was the beginning of mayo or "may" or as we like to call it here in the mission "bautimayo" because theres gonna be lots of baptisms!! =) haha and money came on thursday soo we went shopping! =) lots of fruit in our house now! 

friday we ate lunch with angel and had a good lesson that me and elder donahoo learned about the importance of obedience and learning to ALWAYS have a clean home! haha its important! trust me! 

saturday we were out walking with angel going to lessons that we had planned and we were out over in africa and it was roughly 8 in the evening and this random 30 mile an hour wind came and just chilled us to the bone!! now it was already pretty chilly outside, but this wind here just goes right through your clothes and its pretty darn bone chilling! but as we continued walking i just started BUSTING up laughing, and elder donahoo and angel looked at me and asked " whats sooo funny? were freezing!!" and i couldnt give them a straight answer! it was just fun! and even though i continued walking in what would be miserably cold weather i laughed and enjoyed the company and the experience! sooo much fun! 

yesterday was fast sunday! (best sunday of the month!) i love hearing the sweet testimonies that are in spanish! its sooo great! i can promise you that the language barrier does not separate or take away from the spirit at all! the people here are full of love and strong testimonies! yesterday elder donahoo gave a great testimony too! about obedience and learning to follow the spirit when it tells you not to do something! =) yesterday was also "classico" which is the game where the two huge competing teams here in argentina compete against each other and its the biggest rivalry here in argentina... so of course EVERY PERSON in argentina is watching the game as we try to teach them a lesson! but its fun, and they get super excited! but i love their culture and happiness! 

i sure do love all of you and pray that you guys will have an amazing week! remember to smile and look to your savior because he is there to help! 

con amor, 
Elder Driggs

this street sign says "estados unidos" or united states!! =) #usarepresent!
we bought ice cream after eating at subway last week! yuuuuum! =)  Elder Donahoo, Elder Romero, Elder Brown and Elder Driggs
we saw this and did a double take thinking he was real! but we just had to share a quick message with him! (and take a selfie!)
me and Elder Donahoo in our other area, we call it africa because the houses are made of nothing but wood and sheet metal! very humble and incredibly poor!
sooo they have these cookies dipped in chocolate here called alfajors, and they are usually triple stacked, but this cookie was sooo good, and made by the same company that makes chips ahoy!
me and Susanna, and Elder Donahoo in the background! but we took a selfie while we were waiting for her baptism!
Elder Donahoo, Elder Aquino, Elder Driggs and Elder Ocampo at Angel and Mercedes house after eating with them
my companion Elder Donahoo
Elder Donahoo gave me a haircut...haha!

me and Elder Donahoo eating at Angels and Mercedes house

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