Monday, April 27, 2015

first week into my second transfer! (week 13)

Hola everyone! so this past week was pretty great! 

winters coming here in Argentina and its already starting to get a little chilly! its super windy here! but i love it! ill be outside in a short sleeve while Elder donahoo has on two jackets and thinks im just crazy! but being from arizona i love the cold when i get it! 

this past week was just great! we had the opportunity to attend stake conference on saturday and sunday! what a great experience that was! but quick story. before we went, our mission president relayed a message to all the missionaries who would be attending that they needed to bring an investigator if they wanted to attend..  so we woke up saturday morning knowing we HAD to find someone before the meeting later in the afternoon.. so we went out to work.. and for alot of the morning and into the evening none of our investigators could come.. they all had work, or other plans sadly.. but at about 4:30 we were walking in the far back corner of my area, wayyy back in the super poor houses, just looking for a "miracle person!" and we contacted this house that barely had a door on it.. (super poor) but when we walked up a woman was standing in the door way, and we began to contact her.. soon to find out her name was maryanna, and maryanna was just GOLDEN! she loved everything we said, and was willing to go to stake conference with us! so we finished and quickly called any member possible that was willing to take her, because her house was too far from the building. long story short, we found a member and we were able to take her.. she LOVED stake conference, and wants to get baptized.. so we are going to do all we can to help her get to that point! but i testify, that the lord puts people in our lives who want, and need the blessings of the gospel, sometimes we just have to look long and hard!

its was such a cool experience to attend stake conference, and during the meeting i was blessed through the spirit to understand alot of what the speakers said! it is such a blessing! i felt like out of no where spanish was just becoming clear, but i know that the gift of tongues through the spirit made it possible for me to understand the talks because i needed to hear and understand the talks! oh how i enjoyed them!

im grateful for all that i have and for my testimony, my companion elder donahoo, and for the wonderful people here in bahia! i testify that they are truly wonderful, and in this work of salvation we all have a piece to play! 

i love you all! cuidense! (take care!)
Elder Driggs
Walking in "el centro" this morning in Bahia Blanca...Elder Driggs, Elder Donahoo, Elder Borwn and Elder Romero
Elder Donahoo with a family....she makes bags for a store, 24 cents each bag
Elder Donahoo and Elder Driggs...conference, then this member came in and put a super nice tv in! we were all american:)

they sure love their ice cream toppings

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