Monday, April 20, 2015

My second transfer is Here!! (week 12)

hola everybody!

To jump right into this past week it was filled with lots and lots of rain, some new foods, changes in my area, transfers happened, and my FIRST BAPTISM! 

so last week it rained, and when it rains in argentina it pours! but that only means that the flood gates of baptism are opening up! ha it started raining last wensday and didnt stop until about late friday.. it was such a great experience to proselyte in the rain! rain or shine, the work of missionaries will move on!

so i had the very special experience to eat with me, elder donahoo, elder canez, and elder swanson on friday with some members, and we had an "asado" which here is a large barbecue, usually with lots of different cuts of meats, like chicken, sausage, pork, and some cow somewhere in there.. this particular asado had sausage, and ribs from a pig, and then it had a different meat known as "morsilla" or "blood sausage" and its made from only the blood and fat of a pig. lets just say i had the opportunity to eat this meat both cold and cooked at this lunch and nearly threw up both times.. what an experience it was though, becuase after this family bought three kilos (roughly a gallon) of ice cream, and us four missionaries and this couple managed to eat all the ice cream.. (lets just say we dont let food go to waste here.) 

i have the opportunity to serve another transfer with elder donahoo this time around!!! what a happy experience it is serving alongside a man soo dedicated and with soo much excitement to preach this gospel! although the other two missionaries are both getting transfered out.. sadly. although now me and elder donahoo have the whole house to ourselves! exciting! 

so i had my FIRST BAPTISM this last saturday! what a sweet experience that was! i baptized a woman named susanna! susanna is an investigator of two sisters in our district, and i baptized her because she wanted me to, because she would be my first baptism! now, susanna is a very sweet and very silly person, who would love teasing elder donahoo and i every time we came to teach her! but the  day i baptized her, i had soo many feelings of being nervous and not sure if i was quite worthy enough to do it.. but as we sat down before the baptism i testify that a pray of faith brings the reassurance of the spirit to all with doubts in the heart.. after i baptized susanna not only did i know that she was perfectly clean of all sins, but the most sweet and special feelings touched my heart witnessing that this work is true, i felt the power of the priesthood work through me into susanna! at that moment my desire and my personal flame for missionary work grew soo much! this next transfer with elder donahoo will be one of happiness and increased desire to help find those who seek the happiness and blessing of this gospel!

i testify as a servant of jesus christ in this gospel of service that it is true, and i have seen people change and desire to come unto christ! the atonement is real, and is here for us! i sure do love my calling and will continue to work in the faith! i send prayers and love to all of you! 

Elder Ty Driggs

Elder Donahoo and Elder Driggs and their District in the Ares section of town in Bahia Blanca
 I am adding the letter he sent just to me (his Mom)....such a great letter and still makes me cry to read the amazing things he is experiencing!

dear mom,
the past week i made a huge change in my attitude because its very easy to be upset, to be frustrated, to feel sad and down on yourself and many other negative emotions in the mission, but i wanted to throw all of that away! because i know my savior thinks the world of me, and loves me no matter what i think of myself and sees me as a son of god. and thats who i am! so i wanted to be happy!

last week it rained ALOT! elder donahoo has said that in winter it rains like crazy! and i think its starting to move in that direction! it rained lightly on wensday and ALL thursday was just non stop rain! the streets were nothing but rain, it literally looked like a river! and me and elder donahoo went through it! haha it was the craziest thing ever! but i was soo happy! a teacher in the mtc told my district " you can enjoy your mission and laugh when it may be miserable, or you can complain about how hard things are." me and elder donahoo chose to laugh and enjoy the experience! 
last week i had the SUPER special experience to baptize susanna. she was an investigator of hermanas in our district, and she is a very energetic and super silly older woman. before i baptized her when we took pictures before in our baptismal clothes she held my hand.. (haha not allowed, but what are you gonna do!) and then afterwards she came up and gave me a huge hug.. and missionaries arent allowed to hug people of the opposite gender, but i just awkwardly hugged her back! she had good intentions, and you cant not hug someone you baptized. but it changed everything in how i thought after that experience! it sky rocketed my spiritual flame and increased my desire ten fold!

i love you mom, i pray for you daily, and think about you more than you will ever know! because i have soo much gratitude and am soo grateful for all that you did to help prepare me for this mission. mom i love you! i hope you have an amazing week! tell the family i love them!
Elder Ty Driggs

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