Monday, April 13, 2015

the week away from Elder Donahoo! (week 11)

hey everyone! so wow! another weeek has already flown by! soo fast!

ill explain the name now.. so last week i went on splits with another elder in our zone for 3 days.. i got to spend monday home, but on tuesday right after district meeting, i went with another elder  named elder searcy and he lives with the zone leaders.. it was a CRAZY three days.. these elders were very different than what i was used too.. i got there, and they were completely normal.. but after about an hour they were just super crazy! the only thing i can compare them to is 3 crazy college room mates! great men, just a little crazy! and i spent 3 days with them! haha super interesting, and then i came back on thursday, and spent that with elder donahoo, but we got a call that night that i had to do " tramites" which is pretty much my clearance to live in argentina... and so i left and spent the night with the ap elders.. super fun, and theyve got a huge house with about two million beds! haha super fun! then i spent all day on friday doing tramites, but i got to see elder way!!! i hadnt seen him for weeks! it was soo nice! and two of the hermanas from my mtc district were there too! it was a little reunion! but after i went home, and it was nice to be home!

this past week was a little rough because the success here isnt always great in argentina and this past week was hard finding people to bring to church, and finding people to teach.. me and elder donahoo invited 3 or 4 of our good investigators who we really care about and are trying hard on to come to church, and they just dont see the importance of attending church.. its sad.. but were going to keep trying!

 yesterday me and elder donahoo attended a baptism for some sisters in our district, and a woman i met at conference last week named susanna who i found out im baptizing was there. it was soo great to see susanna because she has such an excitement and desire to get baptized, and last night we just totally pumped her up with even more excitement to get baptized! 

after the baptism, we visited another one of the sisters investigators named lucas. weve known lucas for a couple weeks, and he wanted us to stop by to give him another blessing to help him stop smoking! and elder donahoo told me i was going to give the blessing beforehand.. and i DID!!! i gave a whole blessing in spanish! it was the coolest thing, and sooo spiritual! we asked him to get baptized this saturday with susanna, and he agreed so if he can stop smoking by this saturday then ill baptize susanna and elder donahoo will baptize lucas! 

argentina is soo beautiful the people are great, and the work here is real! this will be my last week in this transfer! im sad to leave elder donahoo, but its gonna be great! i have a testimony that the lord will help all of us because he has a plan of happiness for all of us!

i love all of you and pray for you! 
with love,

Elder Ty Driggs
Elder Driggs, Elder Swanson and Elder Canez! that was last monday! we were in a taxi.. driving home from a place called makro.. its like the costco of argentina!

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