Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The work in Argentina! (week 10)

sooo another FANTASTIC week!

Wow! was that General Conference just great or what! i feel sooo spiritually fed and full of inspired words from our beloved prophets and apostles! i completely sustain and know that all the men who spoke to us this past weekend are men of god! called to recieve revelation directly from heaven to give down to us for our benefit. indeed, i loved conference! but conference was a little weird here.. because argentina is 4 hours ahead.. the morning session didnt start till 1 in the afternoon.. but i still wrote morning session!! ha and then priesthood didnt start till 9 at night!! so crazy! but we watched it the following morning! in SPANISH!! oh that was the craziest thing! i understood about 1 in every 10 words.. soo im not feeling too bad! they just talk faster than i can comprehend! but im getting better! last week i had an experience with elder donahoo (my companion) where the words just came out naturally in spanish.. its as if though i was talking in english! so i know the lord is helping me and making it possible for me to learn and speak spanish! 

during the break between conference we just stayed at the church building where we were watching, and as we walked around talking to all the members who came.. the sisters had brought an investigator who has committed to be baptized.. and she wanted me to baptize her! it was the coolest thing. as i talked to her i could feel her desire and her love for this gospel! ( the people of argentina are just the BEST!) i love this great work! and i know its real with all my hear! i have been called here by a prophet of god, and he wants ME to preach the gospel of jesus christ to all that will hear.. that is my great calling and im proud to serve in the lords army! 

i sure hope all of you are doing well! argentina is starting too cool down.. its alot like arizona though.. its hot during the day and the mornings and evenings are very windy and chilly! but ive got great winter clothes that im busting out very soon to keep my spirit warm! 

i sure do love all you guys and will keep you in my prayers! 

Elder Driggs

Elder Donahoo with the mission leader who baptized Nora
Elder Driggs and Elder Donahoo and a set of Hermanas with a family they are teaching

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