Tuesday, March 31, 2015

my fourth week here! (week 9)

Hola Everyone!

i sure hope everyone is doing great!! i send prayers out to all of you with hopes that life is full of happiness! and i want to thank everyone for such great emails this week! 

this past week was super looong! lots of satan trying to hinder the work! BUT, thats not possible! atleast not while im here! so last week me and elder donahoo were preparing melina to get baptized, and we were teaching her, and we felt that she was taking the lessons very well! and we wanted her to get baptized sunday after church..(yea, people can get baptized on sundays here.. it was super weird to hear that..) and we kept telling her that to get her ready for baptism.. then on saturday we went to go interview her.. now i personally wasnt there because we went on divisions (or splits) but elder donahoo was there, and i talked to him afterwards, and he told me that melina didnt want to get baptized... because she didnt feel like it was right for her.. it broke my heart to hear that.. as a missionary you care soo much and you want the best for those you teach.. and when they dont accept the happiness you have it breaks your heart.. but me and elder donahoo are gonna go back today and try to help her "feel" that baptism is the right thing for her and will bless her family.

so some days are cold and some days are hot here.. right now its known as "otoƱo" or fall here. and right now theres beautiful sunsets every night here. argentina is soo pretty!! 

sooo weirdest thing i tried this week for food.. a ham and pineapple sandwich.. yes you heard me right.. and it had mayonaise on it too! haha!! super interesting.. but i was hungry and you dont turn down free food as a missionary.. sorry i dont have pictures of it.. but super interesting!

so good news, on sunday me and elder donahoo met with a guy named lucas.. and the sisters in our district teach lucas.. but we got to visit him.. and two weeks ago we even gave him a blessing of strength soo that he could stop smoking.. and to give him the excitement and desire to join the gospel.. and on sunday we met with him.. and we asked lucas how he has been doing, and he says hes gone from having nearly a pack of cigarettes to only 2-3 a day..i believe that through his faith, and the strength that the lord has given him has helped lucas!! and he even accepted a baptismal date to get baptized on april 11!! i know that the lord prepares people in our lives that are willing aand want the gospel in their lives!

i know this gospel is true, this past week i read a quote from a conference talk back in 2009 but it said " eternal life is not obtained in a sprint. this life is a test of endurance, and we need to constantly work day by day to obtain salvation" -president uchtdorf i love you guys and am so excited to hear from our wonderful prophets and apostles this easter weekend! i hope you guys prepare your hearts to recieve the messages they have for us! 

i sure do love you guys! cuidense! (take care!)
con amor, Elder Driggs
Elder Donahoo and their sweet "mission grandma"
my ¨grandma¨here teaching us how to make fried bread, so good. they always eat it here.  Elder Driggs and Elder Donahoo in action 
Elder Driggs and Elder Fertig

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