Monday, March 16, 2015

mi primer semana en el campo! (my first week in the field!) (week 7)

HOLA!! sooo i made it!!!! woooo! it was the longest trip ever getting here! but sooo worth it! i know im supposed to be here, and i know my purpose in this work!

sooo i take back EVERY bad thing ive ever said about arizona because argentina is both hot and humid and it is the WORST combination for being outside walking! its pretty rough! but its bareable and i wont let the humidity get to me! im drinking lots of water!

my new companion here is Elder Donahoo! Hes an awesome guy from laguna, california! a total surfer, and lover of life! hes awesome though! hes been out 20 months so hes super experienced! but hes soo great at helping my imperfect self learn spanish, and help me when i tell people to have a good apple instead of a good day! hes an amazing trainer! 

this week i already attended my first baptism for a woman named Nora. i didnt personally baptize her, but it was the coolest thing! shes a 65 year old woman who accepted the gospel and now i see soo much happiness in her! her baptism was super funny, because the man who baptized her was about half her size, and had to dunk her five times because she wouldnt go fully immersed in the water!! talk about a great first baptism! it got me sooo excited! we then confirmed her on sunday in sacrament! 

i live in a place called general arias, which translates to general areas! soo original! haha i love it! the people here are soo poor, but there all soo humble! as im working with them i can already feel them changing my life! they are amazing!

castellano or spanish is TOUGH!! these people talk sooo fast! and they slur all their words together! i dont know how elder donahoo understands half these people, but i keep studying and praying for the gift of tongues! and i know it just takes time! but im keeping at it! 

i only have an hour to write on pdays sadly, but its all good! i need to stay busy with other stuff!

soo i have lunch everyday with members, because lunch is the big meal here. i had my first meal here last thursday, and eggs are HUGE here! ive had eggs with every meal, like i had this egg caserole dish! it was not great! but you eat it to show respect! yes mayonaise is a thing here too. but not as big, and yes it tastes different! but its fine! 

yesterday i gave my testimony in church and met with our little ward of about 50 people! the members here are amazing! and soo willing to help and serve the missionaries! such a willing and loving people! and they all laughed at my accent when i bore my testimony! but i smiled and in my broken castellano i spoke with the spirit! 

i love all you guys! ill try to get pictures asap!

Elder Driggs

Elder Blazzard, Elder Driggs, Elder Tew and Elder Way at the Atlanta Airport ready to head to ARGENTINA!!

At the Argentina airport...Elder Driggs is over by the bus windshield
Elder Donahoo and Elder Driggs.....his first companion/trainer in Bahia Blanca

Elder Donahoo, Nora and Elder Driggs before her baptism

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