Monday, March 23, 2015

My week in beautiful Argentina! (week 8)

Hola everyone!

so im getting adjusted to life here.. the humidity is dying down as fall is coming.. i had my first frio or "cold" day.. the wind came, and that stuff chills you to the bone.. and it came out of no where. so elder donahoo only had a short sleeve shirt on and was freezing.. but i LOVE it here! the cold feels sooo much better than dripping in gross humidity. but the wind has kinda chilled down since then.. but its been nice the past couple days.. 

Argentina is soo pretty! ill have to show you guys pictures of some of the sunsets here! theyre just georgeous! and everything is soo green and pretty! im loving argentina! 

so this past week has had both its challenges and much success! so my two biggest challlenges are the spanish for one.. its soo hard understanding people.. elder donahoo has told me to not focus on translating people while i listen to them.. but rather listen and focus on what theyre saying and the spirit will help you understand them.. and thats been helping.. im understanding soo much better.. the speaking is still a little hard though.. the words dont come that easy.. but im having patience... i know it will come with patience! then in argentina people here only have one main meal a day.. which is lunch.. and we always have lunch with members.. so they always have lots of food.. but because its the only meal we really eat.. its hard to eat enough to make it through the whole day.. so i drink lots of water to try to stay full. but the food here is soo good! mom you were right.. LOTS of mayonaise.. but not on the pizza.. (pics are coming) 

weve had alot of success through the lord this week though.. weve found three main people who are super important too us now as new investigators.. last thursday we found a woman named melina when we were walking home at about 8:30 and melina has 3 kids who are all very young.. and shes a single mother living between two different friends houses.. so she walks very far every few days just to have a roof over her kids heads.. but we met her, and instantly felt that she needed the gospel. so weve taught her already and she wants to change and be baptized.. and we invited her to church and she CAME yesterday!! i know the gospel will bless her life as she accepts it! then then on saturday we were walking along this road that we walk everyday. and we met a man just walking along the side, and we almost passed by him without sharing a message, then i got the strongest impression to talk to him.. so i did, and in my very broken castellano, i told him about our message and long story short me and elder donahoo taught him about what we believe.. and we asked this man on the street if he would be baptized and he just said yes!! the lord had been preparing him to meet us! but he works on sundays, so we are going to work with him so he can attend church and be baptized!! this work is moving forward!! i love helping people and seeing the change them with the gospel!

i hope all of you are doing amazing!! i pray for you guys, and want to keep hearing from you guys!! pics are coming too! no worries! 

con amor, 
Elder Driggs 
Elder Driggs and Elder Donahoo out in a field proselyting in the afternoon!

Elder Driggs and Elder Donahoo having lunch with a member

all four of us guys.. Elder Canez, Elder Fertig, Elder Driggs and Elder Donahoo!

Elder Driggs against a huge moral, they're EVERYWHERE HERE!
Brother Larson.. he was in the MTC, and he was my sophmore and junior year seminary teacher!

my district with our trainer Hermana Ferrells at the MTC

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