Monday, February 2, 2015

MTC Week 1 (week 1)

this week has been INCREDIBLE! so i made it too the provo mtc! after two flight delays, my flight being cancelled and sitting in the airport for 6 hours! but i made it to the mtc perfectly in time for dinner! the food here has been super good! like almost as good as moms cooking back home! its bad though, its not filling so you get seconds and thirds, but then it comes back an hour later and its the rest of the night on the toilet.. NOT FUN! i love it here in utah the weather is a calm cool 41 right now! soooo much better than arizona! and theres snow on the mountains! i totally love it! i miss arizona though! nothing like the superstition mountains!

so i got my companion, his names Elder Blazzard. like blizzard but Blazzard.. weve been great friends since the start! its been such an adventure here!! although the beds arent too great, but last night i actually slept through the whole night! miracles do happen!

the spanish hasnt been coming easy but i expected as much.. its hard learning a new language.. but last saturday i gave a WHOLE lesson in spanish.. it didnt go too great because i read the wrong scripture.. oooops! haha but im getting better i teach another investigator tomorrow! and im gonna do better this time!

yesterday was fast sunday and fasting from 6:30 in the morning till 5:30 at night was INCREDIBLE i was i could share with you guys exactly how strong i felt the spirit, it was beautiful. i felt soo much peace, and ive been learning soo much over the past couple of days! 

a quote that i learned last night from a devotional was " my mission is not the best two years of my life, but the best two years FOR my life!" i know that to be 100% true! just being here at the mtc for even less than a week has changed how ive felt the spirit, i know its taking time to get used to. but through LOTS of prayers, and my own testimony, and the love i feel from all you back home.. i know im gonna be just fine!

Elder Driggs

at the airport in Phoenix waiting for my to the MTC!!
Elder Way, Elder Driggs, Elder Marple, Elder Tingey and Sister Shelley
I am flying over the Grand Canyon!!
landing in Salt Lake City!
me and another Elder on our way to Provo!   My first time flying!!
part of my zone behind the Provo Temple

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