Monday, February 9, 2015

Family Email 2 (week 2)

HOLA FAMILIA! (hi family)

this second week has been soo great! kinda long since im not getting amazing sleep! but the days are going by faster spanish is coming easier, and im getting along with my companion better! sooo life in general is pretty great!

i cant tell you guys how much it makes my day to recieve dear elders from you guys! some days those letters are all that gets me through hard days! i love you guys sooo much and thank you for putting time into thinking about me! i pray for you guys ALL THROUGHOUT THE DAY! You guys are the best and i couldnt do this mission without you guys!

my companions name is Elder Blazzard, hes from lewiston, idaho.. which is almost touching canada.. so hes way up top.. and he says lewiston is like the desert of idaho.. hes a bigger guy, and hes blonde.. super nice guy, very chill. i get along with him very well.. and hes super hick, like the way he talks you can totally tell hes like idahoan.. and hes super relaxed.. like he LOVES sleeping.. and he hates physical activity, well i shouldnt say hates. hes just not physically active.. more of just a guy who likes to sit at home and watch netflix all day long! so hes lots of fun, hes just kinda quiet not a big talker.. i just have to break him out of his shell..

so all the natives (the guys who already knew spanish..) left last week, so its only my district and one other district who is leaving next week.. my whole district except one set of sisters is going to bahia blanca.. the other sisters are going to comodora rivadavia.. the other district is leaving next week, so everyone in our district kinda got "promotions" in our callings.. like the guy who was our district leader, and him and his companion just got made zone leaders.. and my companion is the new district leader, and i got made SENIOR COMPANION!!! which isnt better than being the district leader, but im soo excited to have a calling kind of thing.. :) i love it! 

utah has been hot up here, the snow is barely even on the mountains. but today was soo great it rained and sprinkled a little bit.., and it was a beautiful overcast as we walked over to the provo temple.. and theres this super cool looking stake center that im going to eventually get a picture with.

spanish is getting better too, me and my companion practice all the time.. not that i sound great or even can form full sentences.. but im putting my faith in the lord!

i love you guys, and ill right back to you as soon as i get time! i need facewash, protein bars, more pday shirts.

quote: faith is not about everything turning out ok, its about it being ok no matter how things turn out! -brother oswald

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