Monday, February 23, 2015

It's WORTH IT!!!!! (week 4)

HOLA Everyone! week four is here, and things are rather fantastic!
so i want to first point off how AMAZING the mtc is... it really is a place of learning and a home for the spirit.. they say that the mtc grounds are equivalent to that off the temple.. its is very sacred here, and i believe i am very privileged to be here. These past four weeks are nothing but the best memories and feelings for this place! 

so now to bring to light the food here..its amazingly good for cafeteria food.. so im gonna say this for all those moms who send there sons to the provo mtc.. your son is going to gain weight.. ha (sad truth) since being here ive gained almost 12 pounds.. YIKES! ha this food is just something else.. im not sure what though.. but dont worry, if your son works out he wont be fat.. so theres hope! but i eat a salad everyday, so there is the capability to eat healthy.. (but when you eat a salad, a cheeseburger, fries, and soup.. yea bad idea.. but story of my life..) 

i want to write to you guys a little differently from now one.. im gonna write in days.. like last tuesday i had a devotional. (the one where i sung consider the lillies) and we had a speaker named Daniel L. Johnson, who gave an amazing talk about know who god is.. now i thought about his talk afterwards, and he spoke about how we NEED to know god.. and i feel as missionaries, that we cant be hypocrites, we must seek out revelation and knowledge and then teach through the spirit. but we HAVE to know who god is if we ever expect someone to know for themselves based on our words.. so i studied that, and what a good experience! later that night one of the branch presidency councilors had a little discussion with our district about the fireside. just kinda recapping what we learned, and he said this during the discussion.. " you teach, what you are!" and i believe thats true 100% because we need to be disciples of christ, and in doing so, we will teach as disciples of christ!

WOW wensday was a FUN, CRAZY, STUPENDOUS kind of day! we started it off with service.. we get up at 6:30, go grab a sack breakfast... and then go do service from 7:30 to 8:45. and thats always the best part of my morning! because is there a better way to start off your morning than in service?? i think not.. haha after service we had a substitute teacher named "hermano pyllar" hes this super cool RM that went to our same mission!! (bahia blanca) but he was sooo high energy, and is a great teacher.. during his lesson we learned how to "rap" in spanish! talk about a fun lesson! that same day, we had our "main" teacher "hermana ferrell" teach us.. shes a RM who served in chile.. but it was here birthday, so we decorated the class, and all the girls wanted to go overboard.. so they went dumpster diving the night before.. and found old valentines day chocolates and hearts.. so they gave those too her.. (lol!!) but us guys came up with the idea to write our testimonies in a book of mormon and give it to her! and we wrote them in spanish! soo cool! wensday was such a great day!

thursday, i FINALLY had mexican food here.. like i have been DYING to eat mexican food again.. my arizona side has been crying for it.. so i got a enchilada with spanish rice, and beans, and you know the side of lettuce and tomato. haha so the enchilada tasted like a well done lasagna.. NOT GOOOD! haha it was soo dissapointing, and then the rice was blehh.. like this meal was soo unusual for the food here.. the beans were the only thing that i enjoyed.. all you arizonians wouldve cried with me.. haha but after lunch hermana ferrell taught us, and when we walked into the classroom and on our chalkboard was a quote that said " with men this is impossible, but with god all things are possible" this is from matthew 19:26.. and i know that we must always keep god close to us in how we live our lives.. when we have faith in him and our trust that he has a plan for us.. ALL things are possible! 

on Friday, i FINALLY made it to the book of alma!!! this is the fastest ive ever read the book of mormon! but man have i had some amazing experiences reading here.. (backtrack: i started over when i got here..) but i have been DIVING into the book of mormon since i got here and i love, love, LOVE the stories and the testimonies of christ that i have never noticed before.. i see things sooo differently now that im focusing and allowing the scriptures to get into my heart!  i challenge all of you to truly read the scriptures and FOCUS, and let the words stick with you! its sooo important to think about what you read, and to learn from the scriptures.. 

saturday! we had a big group discussion about faith in jesus christ.. and a quote came up in our discussion.. " dont dig up your doubts, that you planted in faith" when we put our faith in christ we need to stick with it.. storms will come and try to pull us out of our foundation that weve planted in christ, but dont lose faith just because you dont know as much as the prophet.. we need to have trust that there is a plan, and the faith to know that revelation comes to those who ask! 

i sure do love this gospel! im loving life as a missionary! im sooo excited to go to argentina in two weeks! i pray for all of you, and pictures are coming soon! love yea!

con amor, 
Elder Driggs!
me celebrating the falling of snow!!  look at all that on the mountains!
Hermana Ferrells birthday...this was the whole gang
Elder Justesens last day...we took a selfie
me in my big trenchcoat
me and Elder Way "striking a pose"
our district with two native elders
in my "mommas boy" shirt  (Stripling Warrior)
the snow on the mountains  LOVE IT!
last pic in the trench coats....haha!
Elder Blazzard, Elder Tew, and Elder Way taking pictures for "Mormon Missionaries Magazine" LOL!!

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