Monday, February 2, 2015

Family Letter (week 1)

Querido(dear) family,

i love you all sooo much! ive been missing you all like crazy! i got all your "dear elder" letters and those have helped me get through these first couple of days.. im not gonna lie, being a missionary and being here at the mtc isnt easy, and its been discouraging at times when the spanish hasnt been coming and when the days are long.. but ive been praying more in the past couple days for strength than i ever have in my life! i know my savior is real! I got to attend the provo temple today and we did a session and it was soo nice to be back in the temple! the provo celestial room is BEAUTIFUL! I wish you guys could see it!

mom: i miss your hugs! just to let you know so you dont worry theyve been feeding me. im doing good! and i promise ive showered EVERY night.. but the first couple nights i forgot to wear my shower sandals and the guys later told me you can get athletes foot if you dont wear them.. so im gonna wear them from now on.. its been crazy here.. mom i miss your cooking, and snuggles with you! but work hard on Isa! my mom is gonna be soo skinny and healthy when i get back! help dad too!! hes been eating alot of sweets! remember to take care of snibby! i LOVE YOU LOTS MOMMA BEAR! 

dad: i miss throwing the frisbee.. its been hard getting used to other people and not being fully comfortable to talk to the people im with.. but me and my companion have grown pretty close over the last couple days, hes super chill and he listens.. :) i know its because your humility and faith that youve been blessed with the job at the post office! im sooo proud of you pa! i had a thought the other day though, i think the lord waited to give you a job so that you could spend as much time with me and the family before i left and that brought us closer as a family, and now that im gone you can still spend time with the family and now you have an AMAZING job! i LOVE YOU PA!

grant: i hope school is going well buddy! i miss you like crazy! we have bunk beds here and its not the same.. i miss being able to look over and see my buddy! i hope soccer finished off strong! please work hard in school! and take advantage of spanish.. its not easy to learn.. and i know mr miller isnt an amazing teacher but work on it day by day.. it helps to say just a couple words in spanish everyday.. play lots of games for me! i miss being able to play games with you.. or even just watch you! get a killionaire for me! i LOVE YOU DAVIS!

lolly: man do i miss you yawo! i sure do miss dancing with you and our cheek kisses! please work hard in school, and dont let boys get to you too much.. please wait till your 16, then go on dates with boys.. i know you are a beautiful daughter of god, i love your testimony and who you are! ive been praying for you lots! have fun in high school, and keep good friends around you. good friends will keep your testimony strong and will help you through the hard times! i LOVE YOU YAWO!

cara: i miss you soo much snibby! i miss picking you up from school! dont forget to keep throwing the frisbee with dad! i hope school is going good for you bud! i miss my snibby hugs! remember when your scared or sad snibby that i love you, and that heavenly father loves you! dont get too tall while im gone, youre probably already taller than lolly by now.. haha i LOVE YOU CARA!

i send LOOOOOOTS of love to my FAVORITE family! i couldnt be more greatful for all of you! you guys have been soo perfect in preparing me for my mission! thank you guys for being strong enough to let me go on a mission! send me some of the family pictures(wallet size) and some of my mission pictures(wallet size).

con amor(with love) Elder Driggs!

ps mom i have bad news and good news.. good news ive been brushing my teeth 2-3 times everyday.. bad news i lost my retainer... please dont get mad at me.. i accidentally left it on my food tray and took it to the dishes.. if you cant get me another one thats ok. im sorry for being foolish. 
pss.. im gonna make you all PROUD!  

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