Monday, February 16, 2015

Halfway There!! (week 3)

so im 3 weeks into it and absolutley loving MTC life! i feel the blessings come day after day of being here surrounded by thousands of other servants of the lord who strengthen my testimony! being a missionary ROCKS!

so it was valentines day last saturday! man was i feeling the love! no i didnt get any CRAZY super mooshy gooshy lovey dovey packages like 90% of the missionaries.. but WHO CARES! im on a mission! :) i dont need that! i felt all the love you guys had for me! and what matters most is i felt the love my savior had for me! we had a REALLY good discussion on saturday about the love our savior has for us, and that its more important that we show love to him than to just feel love from others! so my heart was FULL of love!

we had a fireside like we normally do on sundays and tuesdays. and Stephen B. Allen spoke to us about companions and how important they are on a mission! man did that hit home for me! i get along with my companion for the most part but some days are defenitley harder than others.. but the reminders from the spirit that touched my heart were just sooo special too me! i hope all of you treat the people closest to you with love, even when its not easy! love is unconditional! 

this week my zone splits in half. when i first got here we had three districts in our zone, one native district, my district, and another group of spanish learning missionaries.. the natives left two weeks ago, and this week our other group leaves us!! its soo hard! you get sooo comfortable and close to the people here, and their your friends, and now this week theyre leaving! man am i gonna miss them! but im OVERLY excited for them! because theyre a great bunch and theyre gonna do AMAZING things for the lord! so its just gonna be our district after this wensday.. (only 8 of us)

so i started singing in the MTC choir up here! i forgot how much i loved choir! it is the coolest thing! theres probably a solid 3-400 of us that practice on sunday and tuesday nights, and then we sing on tuesdays.. last week we sung " nearer my god to thee" but it was a special arrangement, and that was just the sweetest thing to feel of the spirit and the love that comes when you sing that song! then this week we sung "consider the lillies" which is just BEAUTIFUL! i absolutley love that song now! im sad that i took for granted the spirit that music brings before my mission! it is the perfect tool to invite the spirit.LOVE IT!!! 

soo today it SNOWED!! not anything crazy just little flakes... but i totally FREAKED OUT!!! talk about a happy day! i sure do love the weather up here!! its sooo amazing!  and its been cold and windy, soo you could say im just loving it! 

i want you guys to know that missionary work isnt perfect, there is no perfect missionary.. but i know that through ALOT of prayers, and ALOT of scripture study, hard work, and lots of faith.. we can be the best darn missionaries out there! i heard this quote last night and wanted to share it with you. it goes " its not who you arent, its who you are!" -homefront

con amor, 
Elder Driggs!
Us on pday!  (in our pday clothes)  Me and my companion Elder Blazzard
My "missionary nametag"
outside our building...the "Addison Pratt" building
the building we live at
us guys walking up to go to the Provo Temple  (we were trying to get a "cool missionary pose".....thats how missionaries walk! haha!)  Elder Blazzard, Elder Driggs, Elder Way and Elder Tew
behind the Provo Temple
my district behind the Provo Temple...Hermana Martin, Elder Driggs, Hermana Littlefield, Elder Blazzard, Hermana Child, Elder Tew, Hermana Winn and Elder Way
our zone taking a pic behind the Provo Temple.....(the boys)  Elder Justesen, Elder Blazzard, Elder Tew, Elder Way, Elder Gwilliam, Elder Johnson, Elder Wilder and Elder Driggs  (the girls)  Hermana Fastidio, Hermana Rollins, Hermana Winn, Hermana Tanner and Hermana Child
me playing in the reflection pool!  haha!
me lifting the Provo Temple!!
muscle man!
this super cool Stake Center right next to the Provo Temple....its got a tower!!
at the Provo Temple
a pic at the famous "missionary world map"
Bahia Blanca Argentina here I come!!
pictures with the statues!!  sooo cool!
they are everywhere here!

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